More Of God, Less Of Me Is A Recipe For Living Your Best Life Possible

Have you ever run into someone and they literally thought they were the best thing since sliced bread? Chances are you have and unfortunately, some people believe their own headlines meaning they are arrogant beyond measure.

The bottom line is God created us, has infinite knowledge and if you want to really live a life on purpose, the best thing to do is to call on the Lord our God through prayer and start the process. Why? It is a matter of how soon you want to get out of your own way, let go and let God order your steps.

Some people, organizations, countries do not want to have a thing to do with God and the reason why is because they cannot control God. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow because he determines the course of many things and even though we have free will, ultimately we will die and go back from whence we come.

It is important to have a strong personal relationship with God because he has all of the answers. Let me show you what I am talking about when it comes to the importance of having a good relationship with God, for example I was in an automobile accident a year ago and totaled my sport utility vehicle. Without the love and mercy of God, I know i could have been killed in the accident, besides my wife and two children were also in the vehicle and none of them were hurt.

When we are obedient to God he not only protects you, he also protects the people you love the most, your family. Once one comes into consciousness of God being present in their life, things change for the better. Sure we are all going to have life challenges, however we will be able to cope with them much better knowing God has your back, will not let you down and protects you like no one else can.

So at this point you are probably wondering, how does one incorporate more of God inside them and less of themselves? It is very elementary, the world is a place that oftentimes has no respect, decency, integrity, is vile, base and corrupt.

The world as we know it today consist of some people who do not respect themselves or anyone else they come in contact with. On the other hand, people who have a strong relationship with God, allow, ask and seek God for all of their decisions, thereby allowing God to order their steps by providing spiritual guidance, direction and a pathway to live their best life possible.

During my generation, students were allowed to pray in class if they wanted to, mention God if they wanted to and have heartfelt discussions about God anywhere and at anytime. Today if a student mentions the word God, they may end up with a lawsuit on their hands and get kicked out of school.

So here is what you do, seek the wisdom of God, pray that he leads and guides your life, read the Holy Bible, fellowship with like-minded people and allow God to be the center of your life. You will immediately see a big change in your life, one that passes all understanding.

If you want to see a positive change in your life, let there be more of God inside you and less of yourself. God has all of the wisdom, if he did not, you would not be alive and reading this article. We can mutually agree we want to live our best life possible, it is possible only if there is more of God and less of you, surrender to the supreme being and watch your life flourish and bloom like a beautiful flower.

A Recipe For Living Air

A Recipe for Sickness

The truth of the matter is that the quality of the air in our homes isn’t so hot. It is not living air, it is sick air. We worry about all the toxins from cars and industrial plants outside, but we don’t realize that it is worse inside! The recipe for such poor air is to take marginal outside air and add to it a multitude of molds, bacteria, and synthetic byproducts from carpets, paint, etc. This equals air that is many times more toxic than what you breathe outside.

Sometimes There is Not an Easy Answer

What can you do? Well, of course, spending more time outdoors isn’t such a bad idea. But many of us must spend a sizeable amount of time in our homes. This can play out in loss of energy, development of allergies, and other health issues. Even if you keep your home spotless, this can still be the case.

And These Guys Are Illusive and Malicious

These little guys that attack us are pretty hard to isolate and pin down. They seep through the tiniest cracks and pores and their vapors, spores, and minute particles swirl around us and through us constantly. These are the little culprits that are making you tired, allergic, and sick.

Purification – A Sticky Answer

The solution is to defend yourself by actively creating living air right in your home. There are many devices designed to do this. Cleaning systems, like air ozonators, have their own inherent health risks. And systems that filter the air mechanically or attract particles to collectors have maintenance and volume restrictions.

Copying Nature’s Safest and Most Effective Solutions

As often is the case, it seems that the answer is in a multiple eclectic approach. A combination of techniques duplicating nature’s own methods is most effective and maintenance free. This includes using UV rays, ionization, and safe oxidizers.

A Defense That Works

Since we are under attack, it is comforting to know that nature has provided us with simple ways to maximize our defense. If you have to spend a lot of time indoors, a simple nature simulating unit can turn your sick air into living air, give you many happy full lungs of fresh air, and make a big difference in your health.

Health cures have been the author’s long-time passion. Sickness is not our legacy. The most powerful healing is simple and affordable. Brent lives near Portland, Oregon and is a massage therapist that enjoys writing and outdoor sports.

A Recipe for Living

As a professional speaker, father and business owner I often like to share personal experiences and lessons I have learnt with others. It is with pride and pleasure I share one with you today – the ‘Recipe for Living’.

I was privileged to travel to Sydney recently with my family to be help celebrate my father being made a Member of the Order of Australia.

He was awarded an AM for his service to medicine, especially developing innovative courses in general practice and medicine.

As District Medical Officer in the highlands of Papua New Guinea he discovered the disease pigbel. Known as ‘Belly on Fire’ and associated with sporadic pigfeasting, it killed thousands, especially children. It is now controlled by vaccination.

He was the foundation Chair of Community Medicine at the University of Adelaide, a post he held for nearly 20 years.

In Adelaide he pioneered teaching health centres at St Agnes, Ingle Farm and The Parks and developed additional general practice teaching units at Highbury and Modbury Hospitals.

Always a lateral thinker, he came up with a ‘Recipe for Living’.

This hung on his wall in his surgery for years, with many patients asking for a copy.

With his permission, I wanted to share with you his 10 insights on making the most of life.


1. Reason to believe

2. Believe in yourself

3. Set limits

4. Tackle one thing at a time

5. Daily lifestyle – relax, exercise, diet, meditation


1. Be loved by someone

2. Someone to love

3. Something to do

4. Something to look forward to

5. Sharing the joy of others

He also came up with the ‘Networking Flower of Contentment’ which involves self identity, family bonds, spiritual bonds, community bonds, sporting bonds, recreation bonds and work bonds.

A man whose thinking was always ahead of time, I am one very proud son.

Book Review of the Recipe For Living Without Disease by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Aajonus Vonderplanitz is known to be an eccentric healer who suggests a lot of raw meat, raw fat and some stinky raw rotten meats for healing. This book enlightens the reader about the science and the lengthy experience behind those recommendations. At the end of reading this book, you will want to experiment with the Primal Diet yourself.

In volume 1, Aajonus begins by giving a colorful background of how he had learned about these things by experience in curing his own diseases and with that of his patients. He then moves on to explain the true causes of disease, toxicity and how to reverse it. Aajonus tweaks your curiousity on why you eat cooked food and processed food and the seemingly funny but often asked question is can we digest raw food? Then there are the questions of bacteria, sleep and bowel movements.

In volume 2, Aajonus explains about taste and explains more about the best raw foods and food combining for proper digestion and assimilation. Aajonus moves on to optimizing his raw food diet in a recipe for removing deep tissue toxicity, for weight loss, for travel and baby food. Next are the all important recipes, how to make them and what they are good at addressing which health conditions. Read, re-read, print out this section and have a bound copy in your kitchen.

In volume 3, Aajonus explains more about the science of nutrition, the cholesterol myth and why real raw food is better than processed supplements.

In volume 4, Aajonus exposes the wayward direction of modern western medicine, how their false concepts of disease, germs and parasites have brought detriment millions of people around the world.

This book belongs to your small library of must-read and must-keep books for reference. Aajonus’ experiences as not just a long time raw foodist’s but as a long time healer of many people is a treasure that must be documented and preserved. It is unfortunate that I found myself lactose intolerant and cannot consume raw dairy. But besides my intolerance to dairy, I find that the principles laid out by Aajonus are all solid.

The book The Recipe for Living Without Disease is Aajonus Vonderplanitz’ second book after he wrote his first book, The Primal Diet: We Want to Live. It is available at