A Recipe For Intentional Living

Life is like a piece of cake! Each of us has all the ingredients to bake a delicious cake-one that will rise to perfection – or, for others theirs may fall flat in the pan time after time.

Our recipes for living are uniquely our own; made up of our beliefs, our assumptions, our life experiences, our expectations, and spiced by our attitudes and desires. What we cook up on a regular basis-in other words, with our “conditioned responses” and habitual behaviors-are often based on the understanding of a child, or who we learned to be to survive from infancy on up.

Our abilities to simply cook (survival), versus the joys of gourmet meals (fully thriving), depends upon how we cook up our own ingredients today. We add a pinch of love and faith, or fears, based on how we see our circumstances. When we stir it all up with our reactions we come out with either a scrumptious experience or something that is hard to swallow-even distasteful, or sickening.

On a scale of 1 to 10, which do you prefer? 10 being your highest preference: Survival? Or, will you be consistently thriving in your life? And, how do your preferences match up with you “real life?”

The act of conscious choice-or intentional living-is about being aware of our current recipe. What are you choosing to put into your life mix? Conscious choice is a willingness to change the ingredients, if what we say we want, ends up falling short of what we really enjoy.

Example: You want to excel in your field, but you don’t hire a coach or invest time in your education. You want to loose weight, but your exercise is eating popcorn and watching your favorite TV show nightly. You see these ingredients don’t make the mix for what the stated desires are. And, Lord knows, we all have our list of “shoulds.” What we should do. What we should have done, or be, or have by now. And, then there’s the list of “what is.” What “is” comes from the daily mix of your actual choices. Where we are and what we have, or have not done or become – is based upon our habitual choices. It’s predictable. It never fails.

If you want to know what you’re choosing, look at your life. Look at your body. Look at your satisfaction level from 1 to 10. This may sound simple, and blunt. And, it is the truth. Is what you’re cooking up in life satisfying you more often than not? Is it most often juicy and delicious? Is it something you look forward to? Are you excited about your creation, or constantly stressed by making and taking it in? Are you constantly craving something more, better or different than “what is?” Again, take a look at your typical daily results – your choices – that cause your mix to be off.

And know that you have the freedom to choose new ingredients. Conscious choice means adding ingredients or taking them away until we reach the perfect blend for our own tastes beacon day to day. As with everything else, recipes change. In fact, change is the predictable constant. The question is – are you intentionally guiding your change? Or, is change simply carrying you along in the soup of things?

We have countless “life ingredients” to choose from-like making ourselves feel good rather than waiting for someone else to do it; walking away versus being abused; voicing our truth rather than being the quiet martyr; refusing to let others control and manipulate us; taking care of ourselves-not just everyone else; choosing freedom and joy over weakness and misery.

The most beautiful thing about life’s recipe is it is constantly forgiving and allows us to choose our most delicious mix… over and over again! Remember, this is not a dress rehearsal. It’s the “real deal,” this life you are in. So, consider your choices again and again for the most rich and juicy mix you can become… and enjoy!

And, thank God, we still have the freedom of these choices!

Predictable success leaves traces, like having a favorite recipe in writing – leaving nothing to guesswork. There are many success skills resources on the internet. Personally, being in the field of personal development for over 20 years, I’ve found modeling and following the lead of successful people’s choice – a great recipe for success!

If improving upon what others have already have done, versus trying to create your own unique recipe… take a look at [http://www.profitwithsandralee.com] for great practical “how to” information by people who have already done it, time after time. In our products section, check out our Audio Expert Series, and more. We provide interviews with various experts and successful people – that you can model after.

After all, why try to invent the best mix ever for success, when so many others have gone before us to show the way! The tried and true ingredients are already here. You just have to know the cooks with the right mix!

Follow the thought and success leaders and it’s hard to go wrong.

To Your Success!